planting strawberries
Planting strawberries is something we love to do! We use strawberries for jam, pies, or just to eat with breakfast and what better way to eat them than fresh from […]

Planting Strawberries

How to Deadhead Flowers
Learning how to deadhead flowers is very simple and if done at the right time can be an enjoyable experience. First, what is deadheading? Deadheading basically means to remove the deadhead of your flowers. It's worth deadheading your flowering plants so as to refocus the plants energy to making new flowers. Removing

How to Deadhead Flowers

gardening hacks
Gardening hacks are meant to make your gardening experience easier and more enjoyable. Best of all some gardening hacks reuses items you are throwing away almost on a daily basis! […]

5 Easy Gardening Hacks

Make Kosher Dill Pickles
Learn how to make Kosher Dill Pickles by following our simple to follow instructions. If you have never made these you may be surprised by how very easy it really […]

How to Make Kosher Dill Pickles

Please enjoy our early garden pictures. We also enjoy photography and photographing our garden. Either veggies or flowers, a garden is nature at it’s best! Get outside and take pictures. […]

Early Garden Pictures

Mosquito control with a bat house
Mosquito control with a bat house is becoming more and more popular due to the disease that mosquitoes carry such as the latest Zika Virus. Who wants to have a […]

Mosquito Control with a Bat House